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Owners, managers as well as the tenants of a property are subject to various rights and duties to which they must conform to the best of their knowledge. Often it is not clear what these rights and obligations are. Below is a list of the principal tenant and owner responsibilities.


The most important tenant obligations

  • Payment of rental deposit
  • Punctual remittance of rent
  • Compliance with house rules
  • Notification of defects
  • Consideration and noise abatement
  • Notification of new flatmate and subletting
  • Heating obligation
  • Careful use of the furnishings provided by the lessor (i.e. Kitchen appliances, floors etc.)
  • Granting of inspection rights to the lessor


The most important landlord obligations

  • Maintenance, also of jointly owned property
  • Presentation of documents for administrative purpose
  • Damage reports
  • Granting access to special or joint ownership
  • Compliance with house rules
  • Nameplates on doors, bell plate and post box
  • Notification of change of names or addresses
  • Issuance of a domestic power of attorney