Real estate assets have always been an important part of the creation and development of wealth. However, these assets require intensive adaptation as they are usually considered over a long-term period. With buildings we usually speak in terms of a life period of 50 to 80 years. This period is divided into different life cycles that require intensive adaptation to the respective cyclical standards.


These developments are of particular importance in order to keep the property in a market adequate condition and thus competitive and highly professional. They ensure that the earnings of the property develop a constant positive; it applies not only to the increased profitability but above all to the value of the asset itself.


Possible measures to increase the value

  • Timely adaptation of rental properties
  • Creation of new rental space (i.e. loft conversion)
  • Make common areas more appealing
  • Perform any possible and economically sensible reclassifications
  • etc.